Sheraton Grand Salzburg


Sheraton Grand Salzburg
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Chilled Finger Food

Parma ham Canapé
Salmon Canapé
Tête de Moine Canapé
Beef Tartar on olive-tapenade
Pickled char on mango-avocado-cream (served on a spoon)
Goose liver on red apple-mousse
Celery-truffle-mousse with black walnuts (served on a spoon)
Smoked oyster (oyster bread and Soya-sauce)
Vulcano ham with marinated fig
Marinated, roasted king prawn (served on a spoon)

Warm Finger Food

Zesty "Teriyaki" chicken skewers (2)
Aubergines stuffed with spinach and gorgonzola cheese
Stuffed potato balls "Conchini"
Baked kings prawns on lemongrass skewer
Spring rolls (2 pcs.) with Soya- and Chilli-Sauce

Sweet Finger food

Chocolate strawberries (2 pcs.)
Latte Macchiato-mousse
Lemon sorbet, served in its lemon shells
Crème Brulee


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