Sheraton Grand Salzburg

Four Course Menus

Sheraton Grand Salzburg
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Menu 1

Glazed fillet of sea bass with
three varieties of tomato and basil
Poultry consommé
with vegetables and a potato-spinach-roll
Suckling pig, roasted over summer hey
with creamed turnips and sage gnocchi
Lemon grass parfait with mango ragout

Menu 2

Confectionary of turnips and tomatoes
Creamy courgette soup with vegetable fritters
Grilled fillet of gilthead
with Mediterranean vegetables
and parmesan gnocchi
Curd mousse with vanilla-pineapple compote
and crunchy puff pastry

Menu 3

Prime beef and vegetable aspic with chanterelle mushrooms
and herb mayonnaise
Grilled fillet of trout
with pea risotto and lemon butter
Pan-fried fillet of beef
with mixed bell peppers
long beans and rosemary potatoes
White chocolate mousse
with peach ragout and sesame crisp


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