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Buffet 1:

Aspic of ham with horseradish parfait and lamb’s lettuce
Vitello of turkey with capers and Balsamico
Noodle salad with spring leek, olives and feta cheese
Smoked mackerel with wood garlic-cucumber-cream
* * *
Bell pepper chicken with wood garlic „spätzle“
Roasted pork saddle steak with creamy kohlrabi and potatoes
Paella with seafood and butter fish
Pasta with zucchini and red onions
* * *
„Scheiterhaufen“ (bread pudding Austrian Style) with vanilla sauce
Semolina flummery in a glass with strawberry ragout
Chocolate-Crème Brulee
Small Linzer cakes with whipped cream
Buffet 2:

Tomato-mozzarella with ruccola and basil-pesto
Pasta seafood salad with spring vegetables
Zesty Farmer’s bacon and country-ham with potato-wild garlic-vinaigrette
Aspic of vegetables and beef with spring herb-vinaigrette
* * *
Viennese deep fried chicken with crispy parsley and potato-radish salad
Sautéed fillet of Victoria bass on zucchini-bell peppers and Basmati rice
Saltimbocca of pork with herb-polenta and broccoli
Spaghetti with basil-pesto, feta cheese and braised cherry tomatoes
* * *
Curd strudel with vanilla sauce
Strawberry tiramisu
Chocolate-banana cake
Fresh fruit salad with exotic sorbet

All packages can be customised to address personal needs and individual requirements.

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