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Standing buffets

Salzburg Sheraton Hotel
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© Sheraton Salzburg Hotel
© Sheraton Salzburg Hotel

Buffet 1:

Chicken strudel with cucumber-leek salad
Cream cheese-bell pepper terrine with rocket
Smoked salmon mousse wrapped in courgettes, served with dill cream
Aspic of pigs’ feet and vegetables with horse radish-herb-vinaigrette and asparagus-bean salad
* * *
Turkey tenders with bell peppers and onions on egg barley
Braised pike on dill-cucumber with salt potatoes
Mixed fusilli pasta with cherry tomatoes, small mozzarella balls and olives
Pork escalopes with herb butter and vegetable rice
* * *
Rice pudding with lemon balm-peach compote
Raspberry panna cotta
Yogurt-raspberry slice


Buffet 2:

Marinated trout with fennel-orange salad Fenchel-Orangensalat
Sour beef with bell peppers and pumpkin seed oil
Chicken tenders poached in curcuma on celery with tomato salad
Marinated vegetables with feta cheese and olives
* * *
Gnocchi on spinach leaves with gorgonzola
Viennese deep-fried chicken with potato-cucumber salad
White veal ragout with vegetables and tagliatelle verde
Pan-fried perch on tomato-bell peppers and rice
* * *
Curd cheese dumplings with apricot compote
Semolina flummery with peach ragout
Chocolate-banana mousse
Red currant-merengue-slice


All packages can be customised to address personal needs and individual requirements.

All prices provided are valid for 2011 and include labour, VAT and all other legal duties.
Prices are subject to change.

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