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First-rate hotels at Salzburg Congress

Salzburg offers a large range of top hotels - 1.200 rooms within a few minutes’ walk from Salzburg Congress. These hotels offer unparalleled comfort and convenience for your guests.

Our hotel services include:

1. Individual reservations via the official Tourismus Salzburg GmbH booking service. We are happy to make these arrangements on your behalf.

2. Group Reservations and administration of rooms whether for your company’s event planning team or for the full delegation of guests, we will ensure that all attendees to Salzburg Congress are accommodated.

  • Bespoke Room Reservation Forms
  • We will design an A4 form (PDF) featuring your corporate logo for you to distribute to the attendees or make available on your organisation’s website. Reservations and their confirmation are made over fax or e-mail.
  • Online bookings via the TSG (Deskline/Feratel) booking system
  • An online link (Quick Finder) provides information about the selected hotels and allows participants to book quickly and directly. Confirmation of reservation will be sent by fax or e-mail, as per your request.
  • Booking confirmation sent directly to participant
  • Every event participant receives a booking confirmation, which includes details of their room and hotel.
  • Participant logistics – tailored support package for reservations, tourist info, and more
  • We are happy to take over the management of reservations, tourist information on trips, leisure activities and various events as well as handling special requests for guests calling in through Salzburg Tourism.
  • Compiling reservation and booking lists
  • Before the beginning of the event, we compile and provide you with a list of all hotel rooms reserved by your participants.
  • Details group reservations and any special requests, such as allergies or dietary restrictions are forwarded to the hotels. Details of any events which impact the hotels are also forwarded..
  • Billing for your hotel(s)
  • You can choose to receive one full and total invoice, to be issued separate billing for customers or individuals to include the cost of the hotels in the overall billing for your event.


3. Additional services available (fees apply).


  • Corporate gifts and messages for participants
  • Set-up of hospitality desks in hotels
  • Shuttle service for participants to/from hotels

We would be happy to advise so please give us a call or send us an online enquiry.

Congress Service Team

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