Salzburger Burgen & Schlösser

Social and Tourist Activities

An Unforgettable Experience

Impress your guests with a memorable trip around the beautiful city and province of Salzburg. We would be happy to arrange a half-day or full-day bespoke tour of the region.

Salzburg – the City of Many Faces

Salzburg, the city of Mozart, offers a wide range sightseeing opportunities.

The following tours can be further tailored to your requirements, interests or time availability.

Exploring the city of Mozart will make your visit your Salzburg an unforgettable experience and will put the city on your list of places to visit again!

Impressions that last

It’s the little details and nuances of Salzburg that will stay with your guests long after they have returned home. We would be delighted to assist you in ensuring the perfect social and evening programme to compliment your event.  For its these shared cultural moments that that will, ultimately, make your event in Salzburg an unforgettable experience.

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