Salzburg Congress

Air Condition & Energy Supply

Go Sustainable with Salzburg Congress

State-of-the-art solar generation panels  as well as geothermal energy generators supply our venue with all energy. The energy generated over the solar panels directly feeds into our power grid, supply power to lights, equipment and outlets.

Our commitment to sustainability ensures that the beautiful Mirabell Gardens right outside the door of Salzburg Congress will be with us for generations.

Green Conferences in Salzburg

An advocate of sustainable energy, their dedication makes Salzburg Congress the perfect venue for conventions regarding environmental technology and renewable energy issues. When it comes to planning a conference focusing on sustainability, why not making your point stronger by choosing a venue  committed to the same principles?

Information and Details about Air Condition and Energy Supply at Salzburg Congress

  Europa Hall All other rooms
Air mass controlled by frequency changer x x
WRG (Regenerative heat recovery) x x
HRG (Heater coils) x x
KRG (Cooler coils) x x
Air filter x x
Fresh air - cirulation air - exhaust air function x x
Air conditioning x -
Directions of air injections for cinema and banquet seatings are variable x -
Supply air injected by long range nozzles x -
Hall can be segmented in 3 zones (stage, hall, gallery) x -

x = applies   - = does not apply

Air Condition & Energy Supply

Energy supply / heating
District Heating System
Alternative energies Solar absorber system
Facade heating
Overhead heating
Solar panels


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