Salzburg Congress

Audio Technology – Europa Hall

Sound system  
Mixer Soundcraft Si3  

Supersonic sounding











6 x Apogee AE 5 (2 left, 2 centre, 2 right)
2 x Apogee AE 1 D Subwoofer
2 x Kling & Freitag CA Serie 1215-6-SP full range system (portable)
2 x Kling & Freitag CA Serie 1215-9-SP full range system (portable)
2 x Kling & Freitag CA Serie SW 118E-SP subwoofer (portable)

8 x Apogee SSM: Frontfill Stage
4 x Apogee AE 3: Delay 1
8 x Apogee SSM: Delay 2

Monitoring on the stage 2 JBL G10 disconnected from the 2nd tubular hoist

16 Radio microphone
Sennheiser 1 x 8 (EM 9046)
Sennheiser 4 x 2 (EM 3532)
Intercom Clear Com 7 x connected to the cable network
Clear Com 5 x wireless

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