Salzburg Congress

Event Equipment at Salzburg Congress

Setting the Stage for your Event

Outstanding service is standard at Salzburg Congress. Our technical experts will set up and extensively test all equipment, as well as guide you through the use of all equipment ahead of the event.

It will prove greatly beneficial to you that we largely work with our own in-house equipment and teams and therefore are not dependent on third party companies. This is a service that you will find almost exclusively at Salzburg Congress

Technology with Added Creativity

To ensure a consistent service of the highest standard, we invest in only the very latest technology and upgrade all equipment regularly. Our skilled and creative technicians are familiar with every possible solution the venue can offer and our many years of experience in the industry are invested in the unparalleled quality of your event.
We believe in operating in redundancy. In the unlikely event of a breakdown of any piece of equipment, there will always be a reserve to hand.
So however unusual the problem, we will find a solution.

Equipment provided/available at Salzburg Congress

For more details about our equipment and floor plans, please download our free technical manual. If you wish, you can contact us to arrange a meeting.


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