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IT Infrastructure

Important information about the IT and Communications provided by Salzburg Congress

Internet connections
Salzburg Congress is equipped with its own fibre optic links to the two most important service providers in Salzburg (A1-Telekom and Salzburg-AG). Furthermore, the facility also equipped with autonomous IP addresses (BGP Routing) that ensure an immediate rerouting (backup) switch-over should one of the above providers suffer a service breakdown. 200 Mbit/s of (symmetrical) data transmission can be accessed if required (up to 600 Mbit/s).
The double internet connection is achieved internally due to the installation of redundant routers and firewall clusters. In fact, the entire network structure – from the core-switches to the 27 switches and lines installed throughout the building – offers complete back-up redundancy. In this way we are able to offer a high degree of IT service availability. Customers have access to up to 6 virtual networks (VLAN) and excellent switch management (standard network switches: 24/48 ports, 1000 Mbit/s, PoE ports etc.).

All the Congress and event facilities offer 100% wireless access and are fitted with the latest WLAN access points (standard IEEE 802.11n/ac, 2,4/5 Ghz). The access points are managed centrally and can be custom-configured to suit each individual client. This enables several virtual networks (SSIDs) to be set up for customers and visitors at an event.

General information
Salzburg Congress offers its customers comprehensive and extremely secure IT infrastructure. We are always happy to help you establish your IT set-up within our network parameters. All details of individual requirements should be discussed with our team in advance.

As a matter of principle we do not take any responsibility for equipment failure or user problems caused by hard or software brought in by external organisers. We can only provide assistance within the normal scope of our services.

We will be happy to advise on any IT related matters. Please get in touch or enquire online.

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