Salzburg Congress

Official Safety Regulations

The client’s obligations listed below shall form an integral part of the agreement for the temporary use of the Salzburg Congress and its facilities and amenities

Extracts from the following decrees or state laws are incorporated into the agreement that will be signed by all parties.

Negotiations report issued by the Salzburg Municipal Council on June 29, 1999
1997 Salzburg Events Act, State Gazette no. 100/1997 (WV)
Indoor Events Regulations, State Gazette no. 10/2001

The following abbreviations are used:

  • SC Salzburg Congress
  • ORG Client / Event Organizer
  • Possession of the required authorizations and permits for the event is a precondition for the ORG. In addition, the ORG must be familiar with the legal requirements and provisions related to the organization of an event.
  • The Congress Center is located in the city center and only has a 17 x 2.5 meter loading zone with limited availability during the event. Cars can be parked in the nearby paid parking garages and limited parking zones; trucks can be parked at the Park & Ride lots to the north and south of the city.
  • Fire department zones and the entire area in front of the main entrance must be kept clear at all times.
  • Emergency exits and the adjacent outdoor areas must be kept unobstructed at all times. Any breaches caused by the unauthorized parking of any type of vehicle in the SC throughways or exits will result in legal action.
  • All exits within the building must be kept completely clear. This shall particularly apply to the corridors and stairways to the left and right of the stage in the Europa Hall.
  • Any decorations used in any room or on any stage must comply with the Austrian standard (Ö-Norm) B 3800 B1 Q1 TR1 (barely combustible, low smoking and non-dripping). A fire safety certificate must be made available for any piece of equipment upon request.
  • The attachment of signs, logos, banners, etc. is subject to the approval by the appropriate SC representative. Only materials may be used that can be removed without leaving residues, unless specific permission granted.
  • Naked flame or open fire (including candles, tea lights, fragrance lamps, etc.), ignition sources or gas-operated devices may NOT be used at any location within Salzburg Congress.
  • Any pyrotechnics to be used shall be subject to specific approval by the SC in collaboration with the Fire Department. Members of the fire service must be present during the event if there is requirement for the fire detection system to be deactivated for any given period. Any related costs shall be borne by the ORG.
  • The SC must be notified in advance and in due time if fog machines, haze machines or dry ice are to be used. This is due to the requirement to deactivate a part of the fire detection system in collaboration with the Fire Department. Members of the fire service must be present if any part of the fire detection system is deactivated for any given time. Any related costs shall be borne by the ORG.
  • Any spotlights or other sources of heat to be installed must be mounted at a safe distance from fire detection and sprinkler systems. The suitable distance shall be judged by the SC technicians.
  • A scale-able layout plan must be submitted to the SC for any trade fair or exhibition stalls that is to be set up and must show that no throughways and emergency exits will be obstructed. All plans will be reviewed and, once authorised, must be adhered to.
  • An electricity certificate conforming to standard shall be submitted prior to the event for any exhibits, fair structures, tents or superstructures with a higher share of electrical equipment set up inside the building or in front of the main entrance.
  • The ORG or one of his authorized representatives must be present during the official inspection (public events); any defects detected shall be remedied fully and on time.
  • Packing material and transport crates shall be removed from the building prior to the event. Any waste, paper, cartons or other refuse not removed by the ORG on time shall be removed by the SC at the ORG's expense.
  • Any damage caused by the ORG or their authorized third parties during the event shall be recorded and repaired by the SC at the ORG's expense.
  • Any instructions given by SC staff in charge of the event must be strictly observed.

Issued 2003-12-04 WT


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