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The ground floor – down-to-earth

First Impressions Count


Spacious, bright and clearly laid out, Salzburg Congress’ ground floor welcomes you and your guests and gives you a first glance of what awaiting you at your event. From the ground floor, escalators take you to the upper floors.



Mozart Hall on Ground Floor


Mozart Hall sits on the ground floor of Salzburg Congress and thus provides easy access for disabled guests. It holds up to 316 guests and, together with additional 170 sqm of exhibition space in the entrance foyer, offers up to 430 sqm for your event.



Ground Floor at a Glance


Main features on ground floor of Salzburg Congress.

  • Registration Centre and Information DeskDirect access to the Sheraton Hotel
  • Wheelchair ramps
  • Box office upon request

There is a loading bay located at the rear of the building for loading and unloading any equipment you require for your event. Our goods lift is suitable for transporting large and heavy objects up to the second floor and into Europa Hall.

Direct access to the neighbouring Sheraton hotel is convenient for attendees who are guests at the hotel or for any visitors to Salzburg Congress who wish to use the hotel’s facilities.


Entrance foyer

The entrance foyer is light, bright and inviting, combining all aesthetic and spatial considerations.

Mozart Hall

Wie virtuos sich Flexibilität in der Raumgestaltung darstellen kann, verdeutlicht der Mozart-Saal im Erdgeschoß des Hauses.


Surrounded by the green of the spa garden and the 'Rosenhügel', in the shade of the old sycamore trees, the congress centre forecourt is an integral part ...
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