Salzburg Congress

Second Floor: Among the Treetops

Modern Architecture and Conference with a View

The second floor reveals Salzburg Congress’ contemporary and clever architecture. Broad glazed facades create a fresh and light-filled space as they bring to the indoors all the wonders of the surrounding landscape with its leafy sycamores. It will free up the mind of any visitor or event participant and open it to new perspectives and ideas.


The Largest Hall at Salzburg Congress: Europa Hall


The second floor is home to Salzburg Congress' largest space, Europa Hall. Designed in the style of a ship’s hull, it uses Clever lighting to accentuate its vibrant red interior. This bold and proud structure concealed behind  Salzburg Congress' bright façade, Europa Hall can still be seen and recognised from afar.

Europa Hall's dedicated foyer is ideal location for complimentary events, anything from a buffet or receptions to an informal chats or networking event.  

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Europa Hall

The Europa hall is the centrepiece of the Salzburg Congress complex and can be found at the heart of the powerful hull structure.


From the foyer on the second floor a mere glimpse of the Mirabellgarten and the magnificence of the Untersberg can open up new perspectives ...

Paracelsus Hall

This 90m² is truly a mercurial place with its large glass surfaces. The Paracelsus hall provides guests with a panoramic view of the park and Mirabell gardens.
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