Salzburg Congress

Third Floor: Above the Treetops

Function Rooms and Dressing Rooms     

The third floor of Salzburg Congress is  ingeniously designed, divided as it is by the vaulted ceiling of Europa Hall below.

The third floor is home to the changing area for artists and performers using the stage of the Europa hall. The balconies are easy to reach via the galleries at the sides.
There is also a spacious cloakroom on this floor and it is also the location of facility management centre.


Dressing rooms

The two cloakroom and changing facilities of 32 m² and 10 m² at the rear of the Europa hall are directly linked to the stage of the Europa hall.

Trakl Hall

The Trakl hall has exactly the same dimensions, equipment and furnishing as the Paracelsus hall below and also offers a wonderful view of the park ...
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