Salzburg Congress

Fourth Floor at Salzburg Congress

Above the Rooftops of Salzburg

Salzburg Congress’ fourth floor is home to Doppler Hall, as well as dressing rooms with direct access to Europa Hall. But that is just the beginning.

Arriving at the fourth floor of Salzburg Congress, you will see the old town of Salzburg laid out in front of you. The charming metal rooftops, beautiful buildings with their colourful facades, the green trees along the Salzach, with breath-taking mountains beyond.

This floor offers a large foyer with plenty of space for preparing and serving lunch or coffee to your guests. You can also access the balcony above Europa Hall from here, to experience the unparalleled vista that is the Salzburg skyline.


Doppler Hall

The Doppler hall is simply and clearly structured and is the perfect place for all those seeking a quiet, peaceful place despite the hustle and bustle all around.

Dressing rooms

On top of the two changing rooms on the third floor there are also three more changing facilities for artists on this floor.

Press centre

Absolute professionalism and perfect working conditions for foreign journalists can be guaranteed by the press centre on the fourth floor.
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