Salzburg Congress

Press Centre

Efficient Environment and Support

Expect absolute professionalism from Salzburg Congress Press staff as well as the perfect working environment for journalists at our press centre, also located on fourth floor.

The Press Centre provides a clear vista of the stage in Europa Hall. It has audio and visual connection to the stage and to stage management facilities .

The press centre can be arranged to suit any need, equipped as it with all the necessary sound, visual recording and transmission equipment. The press centre is accessed via a dedicated entrance from the foyer.


Measures & Electrical connections

  Height° Lenght x Width° TV CAT 5 BNC XLR
Press centre 2.75 12.20 x 6.10
reducing to 4.40
2 80 2 8

° = Dimensions in metres.


Room 2017 2018 2019
Press centre € 260.00 € 266.00 € 266.00

The rate includes 12-hour block between 12:00 midnight and 12:00 midnight without 20 % VAT.

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