Salzburg Congress

Fifth Floor: High above the Old Town

Where the Salzburg Congress Teams Work for You


The fifth floor of the building is home to all administrative and organisation offices of Salzburg Congress, Salzburg Tourismus GmbH and the Congress department of Salzburg Sheraton Hotels. There are also rooms available for your use.

Rooms on the Fifth Floor


The Trapp room and five flexible office units are at your disposal. This floor also provides access to the interpreter booths, all of which  provide a clear view of the stage of Europa Hall.

So, if you require offices and/or interpreter booths for your event at Salzburg Congress? Please enquire online and we will be delighted to provide you with all information you need.


Interpreter Booths

The entrance to the seven interpreter cabins is via the 5th floor of the building. The booths offer a clear view of the Europa hall ...


Organisers can benefit from five flexible design rental offices on the fifth floor from 16 m².

Trapp Room

A relatively small room offers 70 m² of floor space away from hustle and bustle of an event and is ideal for a temporary board room or organiser’s office.
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