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3D model

Salzburg Congress has developed a completely new 3-D planning tool to give clients a unique opportunity to conduct a virtual site inspection: intuitively operated, customisable and interactive. Try it out for yourself!

The 3-D planning tool has been developed for us to provide hitherto inaccessible views of – and insights into – the venue. Interactive visualisation has opened up a whole new way of looking at the venue, aesthetically, spatially, logistically and numerically. A comprehensive range of information is provided on the basis of plans, blueprints, visualisations and real perspectives. Operation of the software is very simple and intuitive; it allows you to upload your logos or image films and play them within a virtual framework on the screen in the Europa-Saal hall.

One mouse-click enables the whole venue to be divided up into its individual floors and be visited on screen. A bird’s-eye view of each floor and hall immerses the user in a virtual on-site world. Flexible, mobile dividing walls can be set up and removed as required, and the seating formats and options in the Europa-Saal, as well as the applications for the stage, can all be explored.

The tool was programmed using the basic architect’s plan views. The interactive visualisation features all the key information required, such as the widths of the doorways, venue dimensions and the size of the info monitors. The animated visualisation facilitates a virtual tour that reflects reality very accurately, making precise planning a reality and displaying the immense versatility of the Salzburg Congress venue.
The new planning tool is also available as an app.