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Technik Europa Saal | © Helge Kirchberger Photography

Our event equipment is ready to take to the stage with the best

The superior technical infrastructure at our venue is unrivalled in the whole of Austria. Salzburg Congress has always stayed ahead of the trends, a virtue appreciated by organisers of events from all over the world.

The success of an event depends on a multitude of factors: The venue, the facility, the location, the team and its skills, the equipment and the infrastructure. From the very beginning, Salzburg Congress set the goal of ensuring the company was – technologically speaking – always at least one step ahead of the competition. Our clients are often surprised by the technical excellence of our equipment. We invest all the time and money necessary to make sure they’re always surprised. And we always listen carefully to their needs.

You can rely on our team

Even the best hard and software is nothing without the expertise of a great technician. Some clients have been placing their trust in the vast experience and expertise of our team of technicians for decades. Whenever possible, we offer additional levels of service and convenience, far above the call of duty. For us, nothing is more important than guaranteeing all procedures are followed, all plans are implemented and all boxes are ticked.


Salzburg Congress
Auerspergstraße 6
5020 Salzburg
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