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Technik Europa Saal | © Helge Kirchberger Photography

Europa Saal - Our central technical pillar

Gigantic projections, immaculate images, enormous data transfer rates: Europa Saal is most definitely one of the best-equipped hall venues in the whole of Austria.

  • Instead of using unfamiliar and untested hired equipment, we rely on our own equipment pool. We know every item. We purchase, operate and maintain everything ourselves.
  • Our team is completely familiar with the entire equipment pool and plays every eventuality through from start to finish. Nothing is left to chance to ensure your event is a complete success.

Our event technology guarantees you’ll be positively surprised – time and time again!


Video equipment LCD projector
Projectors 3 BARCO RLM W14, DLP, 14.500 ANSI Lumen, WUXGA
Seamless Switcher Vista Spyder X20-16x IN, 8x OUT
Medienserver COOLUX Pandoras Box Dual Player 4K
Cameras 2 x Panasonic HD Kameras (AW-HE120W)
Fixed Frame Screen 1 x 16,2 x 3,75 m
Motorised screens 1 x 8 x 4,5 m



Sound system  
Mixer Soundcraft Si3
Supersonic sounding

6 x Apogee AE 5 (2 left, 2 centre, 2 right)
2 x Apogee AE 1 D subwoofer
2 x King & Feitag CA Serie 1215-6-SP full rang system (portabel)
2 x King & Freitag CA Serie 1215-9-SP full range system (portable)
2 x King & Freitag CA Serie SW 118E-SP subwoofer (portable)
8 x Apogee SSM: Fron tfill stage
4 x Apogee AE 3: Delay 1
8 x Apogee SSM: Delay 2
16 x Radio microphone channels
         Sennheiser 1 x 8 (EM 9046)
                             4 x 2 (EM 3532)
Monitoring on stage 2 JBL G10 disconnected from the 2nd tubular hoist

Intercom Clear Com 7 x connected, Clear Com 5 x wireless



Lighting system  
Light control desk Road Hog 3 Full Boar incl. Side Wing
Spotlights High End Systems SolaSpot Pro CMY
High End Systems SolaWash 19 LED
Showtec LED Pixel Bar 12x3 RGB
GLP Volkslicht LED
Selecon Performer (1.200 W)
Selecon Pazific mit Farbwechsler
Croma Q (1.000 W)
Selecon Aurora (1.200 W)
Selecon Compact (1.200 W)
Selecon Pazific (600 W)
Selecon Acclaim (600 W)
Selecon Compact (1.200 W)
Croma Q
Martin MAC 500
Clay Paky Stage Light 300
Eurolite PAR 64, CP6 1
LED PARs Showtec M800 ml II
Light gallery left  
Electricity upply 2 x 32 ampere CEE
Light offsets 23 circuits at 2,5 kW/circuit
DMX 2 DMX out
Intercom 2 intercoms
Video 8 BNC
Light gallery right  
Electricity supply 2 x 32 ampere CEE
Light offers 23 circuits at 2,5 kW/circuit
DMX 2 DMX out
Intercom 2 intercoms
Video 8 BNC
Central floodlight bridge  
Electricity supply 3 x 32 ampere CEE
Light offsets 24 circuits at 2,5 kW/circuit
DMX 3 DMX out
Intercom 3 intercom



Stage size  
Fixed stage (not mobile)
Extended stage 1
Extended stage 2
19.60 x 4.60 m
19.60 x 5.90 m
19.60 x 7.20 m
Height of stage
Height of portal
Width of stage
1.00 m
6.00 m
max. 19.40 - min. 13.80 m
Stage engineering  
Power supply 2 x 125 Ampere CEE
2 x 63 Ampere CEE
4 x 32 Ampere CEE
4 x 16 Ampere CEE
3 x 230 Volt
All connections are located in the centre of the rear stage wall.
Light circuits 24 circuits of 2.5 kW

4 DMX in
4 DMX out

Intercom Intercom
Video 24 BNC
Audio 24 XLR


DMX-, Intercom-, video and microphone cables converge in the light and sound controls at the back of the room.
XLR connections to record audio signals are located near the stage or directly in the light and sound controls at the back of the room.

Tubular shaft hoists
(Firma Schnakenberg - directly above the stage)

Quantity 14 hoists - each 0.5 m apart.
(Tubolar hoist number 1 @ front edge of the stage)
ength 17.80 m
Max. load 500 kg distributed over the entire length
Rigging points with chain hoists
(distributed throughout the room - not above the stage)
Number of rigging points 20
Number of chain hoists 14 hoists (max. 12 hoists simultaneously controllable)
Max. load per chain hoists 500 kg (Pfaff, VBG 70)


Interpreting facilities

Europa Saal  
Number of booths 7 booths, 3 seats per booth - 5th floor