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Salzburg Congress implements trendsetting audio streaming service

Salzburg Congress has always believed in staying ahead of the trends in event technology. Since this summer, the conventional infra-red technology at the venue has been replaced by an innovative, digital interpreting service. The revolutionary auXala audio streaming system is manufactured by an Austrian business, Lineapp GmbH, based on internet and cloud technologies. It has now made conventional hardware such as infra-red receivers completely superfluous.

Use you own mobile end device
The new technology in use at Salzburg Congress relies on the increasingly popular BYOD (bring your own device) approach and enables participants to work with their own mobile devices. Congress participants are sent a link (optionally protected by a password) and are then hooked up to the event via their own smartphones – without the need for an app. The link can be activated prior to the event or during the registration process. A language is selected and the simultaneous translation is broadcasted to each participant’s own device and headphones. The voice of the interpreter arrives in ‘real time’ at a record speed of under one second.

Maximum versatility
The major benefit of the new audio streaming service is its 100% scalability and the fact that it can be customised to specific needs and capacities. We will also be using the new streaming service for functions such as poster discussions using whispering interpreters, or as a support option for participants with hearing impairments – hence also guaranteeing all participants unrestricted participation and access to all aspects of an event.

Pioneer in Austria
Organisers of international congresses and meetings have always valued the excellent range of technical hardware at Salzburg Congress, which is of a standard unsurpassed in the whole of Austria. Salzburg Congress is a venue with extremely high standards.

Salzburg Congress has established a reputation as an excellent venue for travelling congresses. Our state-of-the-art interpreting infrastructure enables us to accommodate any language required.

Salzburg Congress is a popular and respected venue for multilingual events. Our ‘Europa Saal’ is fitted with seven permanent interpreting cabins and five mobile cabins, providing excellent infrastructure for international congresses and conferences.

  • The seven permanent interpreting cabins offer a clear view across the Europa Saal hall and are equipped with modern interpreting infrastructure and infrared headphones. We can accommodate up to seven languages simultaneously.
  • An additional five mobile interpreting cabins can be set up as required in any of neighbouring rooms.
  • There are 1000 infrared receivers available for use by participants.

Facts and figures about the individual interpreting cabins for international congresses in Salzburg.


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