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Franziska Lipp, Text+Konzeption | © Franziska Lipp, Text+Konzeption

Franziska Lipp, Text+Konzeption

Copywriting and press texts for your event

Franziska Lipp Text+Konzeption is a Salzburg-based agency, and a very wise choice for sophisticated and poignant press texts, forewords, programmes, invitations and event announcements.

You have almost certainly already read copy created by Franziska Lipp, Text+Konzeption: For several years now, Franziska has been the copywriter of choice for Salzburg Congress for all our press releases, documents and advertising copy. If you require sophisticated copy for your event, Franziska is our ‘go-to’ recommendation. Franziska Lipp is available at the venue and has excellent knowledge of the city of Salzburg and of Salzburg Congress. She is familiar with the needs of Salzburg Congress and its customers, and is well connected within the media sector.

Franziska Lipp: ‘Beste Aussichten im Salzburger Land’

This book also features a chapter on the author’s favourite places in the city of Salzburg.

Gmeiner Verlag, 2014


Franziska Lipp, Text+Konzeption
5020 Salzburg
Phone +43 664 2828241