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City of Salzburg | © Tourismus Salzburg GmbH

HGV driving bans and parking facilities

Please take note of the following information concerning driving bans for HGVs in Salzburg:

There are weekend driving bans on roads in the city and province of Salzburg from 15.00 Saturday until 22.00 on Sunday, and on official public holidays. This ban applies to HGVs with trailers when the permitted maximum weight of the HGV or trailer exceeds 3.5 tonnes, and also applies to HGVs and semitrailer trucks, whose maximum permitted total weight exceeds 7.5 tonnes.

  • 7days/week night driving ban from 22.00 until 05.00. This ban applies to HGVs with a maximum permitted total weight of 7.5 tonnes.
  • Exceptions to this driving ban include noisy motorised vehicles, provided confirmation of the exception is kept in the vehicle while on the road in compliance with § 8b Abs. 4 KDV 1967.

When scheduling activities, please take driving ban schedules into account. If you require a special permit, the offices of the city and province of Salzburg will be pleased to provide assistance:

Amt der Salzburger Landesregierung
Referat Verkehrsrecht und Kfz-Prüfstelle

eGovernment Hinweis Land Salzburg Ausnahmebewilligung
Antrag Ausnahmebewilligung Land Salzburg
LKW Ausnahmegenehmigungen
Tel +43 662 8042 3479 oder 3480
Fax +43 662 8042 3481

Magistrat Salzburg
Abteilung 5/04
Verkehrs- und Straßenrechtsamt

Zufahrt Ausnahmegenehmigung Stadt Salzburg
Tel +43 662 8072 3191
Fax +43 662 8072 2067

Where to park HGVs in Salzburg

Busparkplatz Nord - GPS-Adresse: Anschlussstelle Salzburg Nord, 5020 Salzburg
Geo-Koordinaten: Breitengrad 47.832019, Längengrad 13.055515


Salzburg Congress
Auerspergstraße 6
5020 Salzburg
Phone +43 662 88987 0