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Doppler Saal | © Helge Kirchberger Photography

Doppler Saal

The Doppler Saal on the fourth floor offers 120 sqm of floor space and is very popular with organisers of sophisticated meetings, in particular for the degree of privacy it offers.

At the heart of the action, but still pleasantly secluded: The Doppler Saal can accommodate up to 100 guests and is particularly popular for holding meetings, especially those involving guests of VIP status, but also for workshops, breakouts, seminars, meetings and lunchtime symposia. The magnificent view of Mirabellgarten park and of the historic part of Salzburg provides a refined contrast to the clear design of the room. The atmosphere is ideal for ensuring every meeting is an all-round success.

This hall is identical to the Trakl-Saal on the third floor: Both are considered veritable gems within the facility.

  • The Doppler Saal on the fourth floor offers 120 sqm of floor space for up to 100 guests and is very popular, in particular for the degree of quiet and privacy it offers.
  • A wonderful view of Mirabell gardens, the spa park and the old town.
  • The small, out-front foyer is ideal for small-scale catering and breaktime gatherings.
  • The size and equipment details of the Doppler Saal are identical to those of the Trakl Saal one floor below.
  • On request, the Doppler Saal can be opened up into the foyer.

Christian Doppler

Born in Salzburg, Christan Doppler (1803 – 1853) was a highly influential physicist and mathematician. He became famous around the world and esteemed in scientific circles for his discovery in 1842 of a principle that became known as the Doppler effect.

Visitors to Salzburg encounter Christian Doppler in a number of locations around the city: There is a commemorative plaque on the house in which he was born at Makartplatz 1. There is a route - the Doppler-Steig - up Mount Untersberg, and Salzburg is also home to the Christian-Doppler Clinic. Confiserie Fürst is a traditional manufacturer of sweets where customers can enjoy Doppler confectioneries. Fürst also handcrafts the Original Salzburger Mozartkugeln and the ‘Wolf Dietrich Block’

Meeting room Height Length & Width sq. m. Theatre Classroom Banquet
Doppler Saal 2.63 9.50 x 9.85 94 72 60 50
Doppler Saal + 2.63 12.25 x 9.85 120 100 84 70
Foyer 4     176