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Main entrance | © CIRSE Congress Research Education GmbH


The unique situation of Salzburg Congress at the edge of the Mirabellgarten means the forecourt is ideal for pleasant outdoor standing receptions, relaxed drinks and snacks, and is a great place for product presentations – to get your event off to the best possible start.

A rural setting in the heart of the city: One of the most persuasive arguments in favour of the premium Salzburg Congress facility is its central location. The main entrance opens out into the Kurpark and looks out towards the neighbouring Mirabellgarten.

The forecourt is broad, openly-planned and seamlessly linked with the public lawns and park areas. Receptions, coffee breaks and product presentations offer a chance to leave the building and enjoy the leafy shade of the old sycamores. The outstanding air quality in Salzburg ensures guests are refreshed with all the oxygen they need for a busy day at the congress.

According to requirements, the forecourt at Salzburg Congress can be customised to accommodate standing or seated coffee breaks or receptions. It’s also a super venue for eye-catching product presentations. We can set up a lightweight hall in front of the entrance or a tent leading into the building, but whatever solution you choose – the forecourt is sure to attract the admiration of visitors, participants and even people just strolling by.

Main entrance - outdoor advertising

Outdoor branding Width Height max. Length
6 Flagstaffs      
Type: crackling flag 120 600 _
Outdoor banner 120 _ 900


Loading area  - Auerspergstraße

  Width Height
Loading gate 300 250
Loading gate indoor parking 245 208
Access Sheraton Grand Hotel 179 210