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Press Centre | © Tourismus Salzburg GmbH

Press centre

The press centre on the fourth floor at Salzburg Congress meets all the requirements placed on a premium facility to ensure press staff can concentrate on producing top quality reporting.

Our 4th floor press centre guarantees international journalists perfect working conditions for supreme professionalism. The press centre is right at the heart of the action and provides a perfect view of the Europa Saal and the main stage. Furthermore, all of the rooms are hooked up to the director’s box.

Ideal working conditions for international media

The press centre can be customised for every event to provide ideal working conditions. Once again, organisers can rely on the excellent in-house technical infrastructure to ensure immense volumes of data can be transferred and processed at high speed. Workplaces can be installed as required. Moreover, all the technical support necessary is available to implement sound and vision recordings - and ensure the material is passed on immediately. The press centre also has its own entrance which can be reached via the foyer.