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Congress offices

On the top floor at Salzburg Congress there are five customisable 15m² rented offices available to guarantee organisers enjoy perfect working conditions.

These rented offices are on the 5th floor, as are the offices of the Salzburg Congress team. This floor is reserved for the teams alone and is not part of the publicly accessible venue. These offices can be furnished and equipped according to specific requirements. Most requests can be satisfied from within our own excellent infrastructure and equipment pool.

The rented offices all benefit from natural light, are connected to the electricity mains and offer internet, telephone and fax connections. If required, the offices can be connected up to each other via intercom. The ‘on-site back office’ option is particularly appreciated by international congresses.

Office 1 - 5

  Height Length x Width sq. m.
Office  1 - 5 2.50 3.90 x 3.89 15