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Europa Saal | © Helge Kirchberger Photography

Europa Saal

The Europa Saal is the largest hall at Salzburg Congress and forms the centrepiece of the facility. It can accommodate up to 1,324 people and is equipped with ultra-modern event and presentation technology.

Whether you are hosting a congress, conference, banquet, a play or a TV show – no other location in Salzburg can compete with the Europa-Saal in terms of size, equipment and variability. The 1,100 sqm Europa Saal is the largest and most impressive hall in the entire building. The segmented lift podiums enable the seating rows to be increasingly raised toward the rear, as in conventionally-built theatres, or for all rows to be kept at the same level. The stage size can also be varied as required.

  • The Europa Saal is an impressive hall reminiscent of a ship’s hull. The formidable interior focuses attention due to its clear design, the sophistication of the materials used, a complete lack of in-house congress branding and the use of simple colour codes. When planning your event, the Europa Saal provides a perfect tabula rasa.

  • The Europa Saal and stage can be seen from the press centre and from the seven permanently-installed interpreting cabins. In this way the hall provides all the prerequisite infrastructure for a successful multilingual conference in Salzburg.

  • The Europa Saal provides direct access to the freight lift and this is extremely beneficial for the organisation and implementation of product presentations.

    Find out more about the event technology available in the Europa Saal. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Why not send us a non-binding request for information?


Europa Saal

Auditorium Height Length x Width sq. m. Theatre Classroom Banquet
Europa Saal + 2.45 - 11.00 27.00 - 27.00 1,100 1,324 620 790
Europa Saal 2.45 - 11.00 27.00 - 27.00 729 934 620 500



Stage size Length & Width
Stage L
Stage XL
19.60 x 4.60
19.60 x 5.90
19.60 x 7.20
Height of stage portal
Width of stage
1.00 m
6.00 m
max. 19.40 - min. 13.80 m