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Paracelsus Saal | © Helge Kirchberger Photography

Paracelsus Saal

The 94 sqm Paracelsus Saal on the second floor of the Salzburg Congress building offers a clear view of the world-famous Mirabellgarten park landscape.

The size and location of the Paracelsus Saal make it most ideally suited for the hosting of workshops, for use as a speakers’ lounge or as a VIP room. Since it is on same floor as the entrances to the Europa Saal it provides a perfect means of complementing the aforementioned. Seamless shared flooring allows the Paracelsus Saal to be smoothly opened out into foyer 2 to increase the available space around the Europa Saal – the centrepiece of the entire venue.


Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, more commonly known as Paracelsus (1493 – 1541), was a pioneer of modern medicine and one of the fathers of today’s naturopathic medicine.

He was born in Switzerland, his mother a hospice superviser and his father a doctor, and at just 16 years of age he dedicated his future to the study of medicine. After years on the road and stays with some of the best-known alchemists of the age, in 1516 he was awarded his doctorate and travelled all over Europe treating wounds. In 1524/25 he settled in Salzburg. Paracelsus turned his back on the conventional medical authorities of the period and gained a reputation as a maverick. Paracelsus was finally laid to rest in the Sebstiansfriedhof cemetary. The Paracelsusbad pool, spa and health centre is located right next to Salzburg Congress and is to be reopened in the summer of 2019.

Meeting room Height Length x Width sq. m. Theatre Classroom Banquet
Paracelsus Saal 2.63 9.50 x 9.85 94 72 60 50
Foyer 2     492