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Exhibition foyer | © CIRSE Congress Research Education GmbH
3D model first floor | © Freshfx Media GmbH

Large exhibition foyer

The route via the escalator goes from the ground floor straight into the exhibition foyer on the 1st floor. The foyer can be integrated into the Karajan Saal and Wolf-Dietrich Saal, or it can be used as a separate area for product presentations and poster displays.

The large foyer serves as a connecting area between the two largest rooms, Mozart Saal on the ground floor, and the Europa Saal – the excellently-lit centrepiece of the entire facility on the second floor. The large exhibition foyer offers plenty of space for a wide range of functions and provides abundant options for implementing your own designs and ideas to maximise the number of guests frequenting the area. It is ideal for poster presentations, exhibitions, coffee breaks and welcoming receptions, since it receives plenty of natural light and offers an uninterrupted and seamless 737 sqm of floor space.
Seen in the best possible light!

Two wide-view lifts and an escalator ensure the large exhibition foyer can be reached very quickly from the main entrance.

The direct accessibility of the foyer via the payload lift for deliveries, for build-up, build-down and for catering purposes, makes it an ideal choice for organisers and exhibitors. The modern stainless-steel ceiling artfully casts the light back into the room. Another eye-catching feature is guaranteed by the Swarovski crystal lamps and lights, created and constructed especially for Salzburg Congress.

Exhibition foyer

Exhibition & Poster

Height Length x Width sq. m. Exhibition Reception Banquet
1st Floor 3.40   1,168 600 m2 nt 1,200 580
Exhibition foyer 3.40 27.70 x 28.30 715 300 m2 nt 650 300
Exhibition foyer + Karajan Saal 3.40   1,002 510 m2 nt 1,000 450
Exhibition foyer + Wolf-Dietrich Saal 3.40   881 400 m2 nt 900 400